Minimum $1 for a month $10 for the entire year and two new articles will be posted every month in the, and all of your donations will be used to educate economically poor college students by paying the college fee with your donations and if needed food and shelter for the IS movement, all the activities video clips will be posted in the IS website as we all know without spark we cannot create the fire we must start walk at some point and path will emerge.

 As per your demand one day we may have a donation button most of you advised me through the comments and emails to make a e -Book, donation button or subscribing option to make money for myself who loved the way I revealed the facts or the way I wrote and requested me continue to write, of course writing will never stop but it is not the wise thing to set the limit IS only for the people who donate or subscribe. This is the most educational website and must be available to everyone who seek the truth and real knowledge when I launched this infalliblesociety website, I never had a slightest idea that where do this IS leads all I wanted to express that how I felt about the present existing world and I sensed the direction we are heading it may leads to the extinction of our species and hence, I was seeking people’s opinion by offering alternative ruling system around the world but I never dreamed of IS will become very popular without even advertising now we have many thousands of intelligent visitors with comments and emails in a short period of time and it may soon reach 100’s of thousand visitors as we all know there is nothing is more important than taking infallible society to the next level in the history of human race, because our future depends on it now so I am leaving the fate of IS in your hands, you are all did the great job spreading our IS. As I mentioned earlier that I am not interested in money for myself perhaps I should say that I hate the money. We all know (who read all the 22 Questions and Answers in the website) how money is destroyed and misdirected our species. A knife can be used for the operation to save the patient by a good doctor and the same knife can be used to stab a person to death, so we use the money to provide food and shelter for the poor students so they can volunteer to explain and convince other that is only way to bring the change in the society when we get the donations.

       Now I have realized that IS is not an accident it has a profound purpose and greater destiny and without your curiosity to find the hidden facts or real knowledge IS never could have come this far. I really consider this is your success but not mine. So say it let’s do it let us start a small spark ‘’no one knows what future holds we can only see if we can take one step forward then we can see two steps ahead of us’’

Till now we only just outlined the basic problems, best yet to come.