20) Q… How people can accept your ideology verses which is practiced for thousands of years by millions, 100s of millions and eventually billions of people now?

Ans..  If you are proficient enough to see the world and understand you will realize the truth that is we are all only slaves like in the movie Matrix majority have been programmed to serve elite, not in terms of harsh way of punishing to extract work but controlled by money, we all need money to buy food and shelter basically for simple survival with this deeply flawed monetary system rich get rich and poor get more poor that is mathematical inevitability.

                     As we discussed about that we are no more than product of the society with flaws it means we species only learn from the society depend on where we reside, our mind cannot create on its own all the memory in our cerebral  cortex brain accumulated from the childhood as we all know when we born brain is like a blank slate  it tells us brain is nothing more than a sophisticated computer, it means we are all what we feed in our brain research has been done and it proved and also some real incidents there is evidence some of the children lost in the jungle in the past until their teens when they discovered those children cannot talk and understand other than acting and walking like animals with four legs using hands like front legs and they possess no human emotions or intelligence because they are grown up with animals by mimicking those animals.

           That is perfect example of our species behavior then how people can judge that we species are violent? Because we have been living in a society since born where only money is the driving force and must have whatever means necessary order to survive and we never seen how the money less society works, world would be very different based on our deep study with related subjects which is already science and technology revealed  ( they can only believe until they see order to make them believe we must make animated movies that how the society will live in the infalliblesociety ) then how people can come to the conclusion and judge with preconceived notion that we are violent species we are just adopted in this system reason is evolution forces us to adopt otherwise we die.

         Evolution also nothing but accumulation or collection of memory we act upon and animals act upon their genes, human intelligence or consciousness will require the same kind of algorithms for employing time and space that we enjoy or suffer everything we experience is a whirl of information occurring in our heads time is simply the summation of  spatial states much like frames in a film occurring inside the mind it’s just our way of making sense of things there is also peculiar intangibility to space that we cannot pick it up and bring to the laboratory like time, space is not external object it’s part of the mental software that molds information into multidimensional objects same as time, Time also not well defined we believe that time is moving forward sometime we confuse that whether we passing by time or time is passing by us either way we cannot find the answer, even people never agree that time lapse at different rate between us, time is not linear in the universe we measure time according to our planet rotation earth’s diameter is less than eight thousand miles 8000 x 3=24000 it means earth rotates about 1000 miles per hour one rotation takes 24 hours, to orbit around the Sun takes 365 days we call that a year just one 100 rotation for us 100 years as we all know it, time seems very long for us but on the scale of the universe it’s twinkling of an eye. But there is a planet orbiting another star system scientists made that very astonishing discovery that planet is orbiting the star 300 times per minute according to our time scale, if for instance intelligent life on that planet 300 years means for us only a minute ,even time lapse at different rate each of us on this planet ,extremely busy person’s time lapse at faster rate even he may not be able to meet his schedule appointments and he procrastinates some of his appointments ,for an idle man day is very long another example is a man is driving a car or bike while he is driving about to cause an dangerous accident with his instincts he was able to managed to escape and survived that whole transition took only a split second for others who were watching that scene, but for the person who escaped from the accident appears lot more than a split second with fear.

                         Planet Jupiter or any other planet in our solar system revolving or orbiting the Sun at different rate if they were habitable planets and intelligent ( perhaps we should not use the word intelligent because we are all experiencing with intelligence that what it has done to our civilization with existence of money ) if life raised their Time would have been at different rate so we cannot define time. And there is another explanation whatever the time passed by during that time, all the collected information is stored in the brain like frames of information our mind continue to process information that frames of information piles up in order first comes last and last comes first basis that memory makes us believe that we are moving towards into the future and leaving the past behind us ahead of time or time is passing by us

                     We die because our body cells comes with timer they only last certain period of time now scientists are researching to extend aging genes expectancy the problem is human carry about 50 trillion cells to 100 trillion cells and each cell has 46 chromosomes x y or y y so on and so forth all the hereditary genes has billions of years memory than brain does brain can only store fraction of it. There is a possibility in the future with help of nanotechnology to remove aging genes that may allow humans ageless depend at the age of aging genes removed.

Dr. Michio Kaku is now co-author of string theory he claims that we human species are no more than a information  that near future all the memory can be down loaded into a computer and create holographic human shape objects and it means a dead person can live forever only problem is in the brain neurons are very delicate our present equipments are not capable of extracting information from the neurons from the brain, in the future nanotechnology may do the job even cryogenics also same phenomenon.


  Every man’s  perspective about life is different it goes as old saying ‘’ you perceive your reality and I perceive my reality there is no such thing absolute reality only perceptions’’ that makes perfect sense to us, people more often says we human species are violent (without investigating money role in people’s life) and one day we destroy ourselves ever since we humans arrived on this planet killing each other in the primitive era for the food, lack of resources or knowledge to produce more resources later money came into existence and industrial revolution then people afraid of that machines may take over their workmanship or livelihood because machines produce more than human physical labor, then labor told by capitalists use of machines will reduce the physically hard work by people and grants less work and more pay and leisure time but that did not happened industrial revolution forced labor to work more hours and less pay as I said evolution and greed only moves forward it doesn’t know when to slow down or stop that is it’s nature so that paved the way to control mass (majority) by tiny fraction so that did not eliminate violence or scarcity reason is even though we have manpower and technology why we failed to produce abundance ? because there is no profits to the top or elite who are tiny fraction, no amount of money is enough that is called greed we are all working for them directly or indirectly they get benefited by each and every one of us living on the planet. I explain you how this works US dollar is dominant currency in the world entire world nations needs US dollars for the exchange in the international market, US banking system itself is a fraud because that is owned by private members  …. Rothschild famously quoted that ” GIVE ME THE CONTROL OF NATIONS MONEY I CARE NOT WHO GOVERNS THE NATION ” Rothschild is one of the banking cartel, US government has no control over banking system hence there is no intrinsic value for the dollar they just print as much as they want according to the need so other nations do as well. money itself is a debt so entire world population is slaves, controlling by money for the elite if that money had a backed up value with gold or silver money would never deplete or devalued it means commodities price never goes up, in the world that is designed in a way to poor and middle class to remain same as they are forever (as livestock), price rising is a hidden tax without poor and middle class rich and super rich don’t exist price rise only affect poor and middle class who are the majority. Rich don’t create resources they only take from what is already existed which is produced by poor and middle class that is the way our social and economical system is designed so it doesn’t appear unusual to us as a result over 40% of the wealth owned by less than 1% population of the world.

          People always think that we need more money to solve the problems but they are not realizing money itself is the problem as a whole not as individual. Individual desire strives for money as a result we are all trapped in the fallible system in the existing world, money based system always attracts parasites. I really stumbled upon this notion for a long time when I interlinked all related subjects I realized it is not their fault but system with money causing this chaos for the human race. Perhaps this is perfect example most of us watched the movie Terminator 3 starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger in that movie they created powerful weapon called Sky net with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to destroy the enemy then they detected virus in that weapon later they realized that sky net itself is the virus ( that AI evolved and became self aware that human species are  the target to the AI, we species are the primitive we make wars and kill each other may be various reasons religion or for the self gain and AI thought of himself to serve human need is a degrade not wise to enslave primitive race who (AI) surpassed human intelligence)  to target and destroy its enemy that is human race it means money itself is the virus for the mankind and no different but same as skynet.

            Using the money for the progress to the nation or world  never work because no amount of money is enough reason is only certain percent of the people get to work towards progress but if you can change that concept into using entire  manpower and not to mention technology that makes the big difference, apart from that many nations in the world create jobs only to some extent (not everyone get the job) only to solve the unemployment problems whether it  necessary or not by taxpayers money this tactics is used by the political leaders to stay in power or to get elect for the next time.

            I was very skeptic when I was growing at the age of 5 years old boy and wondering why people are too superstitious some religious culture chop off the lamb or goat and worship the head of it and among many other things I didn’t understand why people doing such things it looked very irrational when they worship God and God is within the lamb or goat and they killed the nice living animal and praying, and some people becoming rich and other living in poor but I have seen no rich person is producing commodities or manufacturing useful things for the people, only using money but there is no physical involvement or contribution to the society but they are greatly respected. I could not find the answers and I grown up with same intensity to find the answers and I discovered real knowledge is not in the textbooks ( as I mentioned earlier our education system is only make (molds) us best slaves to the elite true knowledge is the enemy for the people who have lust for political power and money )  that compelled me to travel the world to seek the answers in my twenties my strong desire was to find the answers with facts related with life, later I found out that when people are in puberty whatever they feel strong desire they can achieve that later in their life.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes—quoted that  ”once man’s mind stretched by a new idea never regain its original dimensions”. I was perplexed why too many religions and Gods and says there is only one God and kill each other after many years of my search finally I have reached to the point and attained the ability to answer very important questions about the life if I am not capable of answering with scientifically extrapolated facts and prove it I consider my theory is invalid. I questioned myself what could be the more impotent than our disruption of our very existence . Everyone must die sooner or later so I am trying to make the difference because I can see my future or anyone else who have desire of achieving goals or things in other words their life may change only for them  but not helpful to the society and society will be remain same as hostile or it may get worst I believe some one must see the root cause of the problem for the long term survival for our species and some of the benevolent people in the world donate money for the good cause and help needy but that doesn’t solve the complete problem  (most of them have only one thing in common make money as much as possible and live comfortable that is how our political and social system is designed but that doesn’t comfort them instead makes them more miserable especially who have obsession only over the money it means desire never stops there but it evolves) if anyone involved in the other activities like exploring or inventing other things that will not change the society for good so nothing is more challenging task to me other than creating IS because this the only permanent solution for human race to continue probably you would do the same thing if you were in my place don’t you ? and I can emphasis that if we don’t start the movement on small scale that is educating people with fact or making aware of things that who fail to see other side of the coin nothing can change or materialize.

           you can only choose one you can’t have both living normal life religion culture God family children and intent to accumulate wealth for us and children other side of the coin one can only see putting all things behind and focus other side of the coin to find the answers, by interconnecting his knowledge helps cause and effect to create the better society. When we are understood the path we choose is wrong and leading to end the humanity if we fail to alter, our intelligence may be worthless for instance when we are traveling the certain direction to reach our destination when we realized that we lost and heading wrong direction we change our course of direction otherwise we never reach the destination this also same as that why can’t we admit belief system is embedded subconsciously and we repeatedly following and teaching our children which affects our children’s lives as miserable as we are, belief system in our heads that is not even collection of memory or events the truth is using logic allow us to intellectual level but outdated belief system is animalistic emotional level. Basically we all know in our hearts and minds that there is something ominously went wrong IS is trying to change in the hearts and minds but we have fear and doubt that is preventing us to take pragmatic approach.

                As we all know and witnessing this world at chaos and turmoil in Europe civil war started where this religious belief system is leading ? Religious selfish leaders use the religion for their own benefit for one person or few that put majority in the danger zone. In some nations there is a different kind of law and order if someone stolen something their hands will be chaps off it never occurred to them why and what makes them to steal why can’t they understand simple logic only scarcity is the responsible for the theft the logical answer is you just simply produce more instead of putting people in the prison or chops the hands off we  species using intelligent to chop of the hands who is stolen but not using the same intelligent to create more resources how primitive are some of the cultures, some may say when we see animals are doing well without possessing intelligence only acting upon their genes, that makes us realize intelligence is not required order to survive mother nature is already doing well for billions of years of the evolution. If asteroid didn’t struck the earth 65 million years ago probably we as human species never would have evolved and existed at present but dinosaurs ruled the world 100’s of million years without possessing intelligent some of the scientists believe that till now there is no evidence of intelligent life on other planets it makes them believe that probably they are all destroyed themselves by discovering element 94. Most shocking question arises why no one talking about the truth that involvement of money is misdirecting our species. Without existence of money no one can dominate and control other or develop obsession to become a ruler or for leadership.

      Some people may say that there are still people becoming rich and super rich all over the world by working hard but you have to understand one important thing that is they are who becoming rich and super rich are not creating resources but poor and middle class are creating only existence of money is the root cause of the inequality (in the present system that is very natural and business strategy as well)  as a result poor has to compete each other order to live their lives  that led to benefit more for the rich and less for the poor because poor has to work for less and less money.

   About future we always feel insecure and uncertain only reason I see is future is unknown if future is like past we could have known every occurrence fear of uncertainty born from the scarcity, our mythology or certain religious belief system believes that future is already set before you born all things happens according to the which is already set but there is no evidence to prove it in scientific perspective our mind is infinite and mind creates anything at anytime based on your known or attained knowledge.

     In the animal kingdom some of the animals die to satisfy the predator and tiny fraction of them may die lack of food, only we human species use the money to buy the food. and we call ourselves intelligent what an ironic ? And we species also violently die in the search of survival animals also die so what is the point of having intelligence think for a moment about this,  people with intelligence never should die by killing each other or accidents other than old age we have the technology to prevent the accidental deaths, most of the people’s notion is some of them must die order to survive others that is fate religious belief saddest part is parents teach the children same thing.

                        Any author who writes a book about specific subject to give knowledge and as well as make money he may be master in his specific field but he may not be aware most of other subjects to interconnect to find the problem because for instance a neurologist write about how brain works and neurons process information every part like parts of the brain frontal lobe amygdala cerebral cortex etc  he can explain in a detailed way, order to learn that it takes half of the lifetime same as cosmology evolution or science and research or invention it takes lifetime to become master. I may not be the master but I know enough  to find out that where did we go wrong and how to find the fault to fix it, having in various field of knowledge gives me ability to see the fault better than others.