19 Q ; Do you believe IS should be in practical ?

Till now we have covered briefly that what really causing our lives to live this way, there may be people who gave many speeches and written books about the world problems since dawn of our civilization or the history of human race but nothing has changed instead more problems, perhaps they are all failed to see the root cause of the problem, for instance think about the motivation speeches success in all aspects it is very irrational and meaningless there are only limited posts and positions are available like pyramid structure with cut throat competition how can each and everyone of them get there, is it  practically possible ? regardless of your efforts  other than tiny fraction but it is quite possible in the IS the simple logical reason is in the present not even 10% of the world population working in a field of productivity all the man power and energy wasting on non productivities as I mentioned earlier, apart from that speeches about becoming rich and famous how many people they will reach to that point by hurting many people along their way up do you believe they can attain peace ? money is part of the life but not life itself people who breath money as oxygen some of them may succeed if they dwell 24×7 but they cannot have peace this is revealed by neuroscience, people are looking at the problem in only one dimension and disregarding ramifications or consequences.    

       They may act like successful people if they reach certain point for the eyes of the world but they are miserable inside especially people who considered success is accumulation of wealth in every possible way more than required. you can spot those people from far away and many people has miserable life there is scientific reason that is reaction of their cruel behavior or action. but those are definitely not surrounded by heartfelt with good intention people, who work for them only work for money whether they like it or not but they need money for their survival and they only act humble with fear but inside their emotions are different.  

     And some of them discovered spiritual way to attain peace that may leads to peace but not progress, agnostic and atheist may say being spiritual is a delusion, but it’s not who said and what if you believe the infalliblesociety is the way to lead our species to the next level for the peace and prosperity then we must take a initiative step on small scale as I said books and speeches never bring the change. But action the problem is most of the people are not curious like IS visitors to spend their time for the infalliblesociety to read and understand unless they get some benefit in return that is the notion most people adopted in this deeply flawed economic system and also other reason is they have to work very hard barely to survive  especially poor and middle class who are the one most suffering people they are majority, we need their support because in the world politics  and election system works on voting based system vote only counts as heads but not based on intellectual ability (every kid who becomes major and every uneducated person who is not aware of how political system works they have right to vote, and politician doesn’t required conduct certificate to run for any government position and for a voter doesn’t have to know fundamental rules of constitution or the political system as a result present existing world) infalliblesociety use the same loophole or algorithm to overcome the obstacle for the greater change that is making people aware of things that they don’t know  that is majority have right to rule if majority support  IS.

 That is only possible in the third world and underdeveloped nations where is extreme poverty, some may call developing nations but reality is only fraction of percentage people are developing majority is still suffering that is not well defined as developing nations, the point here is no one have time to read or listen speeches to make the changes poor and middle class personally needs to be told reason is most people don’t have computers and understand the language who are old generation they should be well explained order to convince them ( there is a logical conclusion behind it in some developing nations some of the independent partie raised their voice against corruption with people’s support and form their own government that is only limited to the certain place like to a state but these little independent parties having hard time ruling their way as corruption free  like non-cooperation, threatening, harassment and accusations by the central means a national ruling party but the independent government who formed in little area cannot prevail, reason is they still have to follow same old constitutional guidelines and law and order we all know law and order can be manipulated by power who controls the nation with the help of corporates and as we know corporates main strategy is business and profits but not others well being.  the fact we have to realize here is when these independent little parties able to convince the mass population with same old ineffective political system rules, why not we can convince people by explaining IS ? ) and also it’s not their fault because they cannot survive unless they work physically whole day, and rich never give a thought about infalliblesociety because their lives are going well so they spend most of the their time entertaining themselves and making plans that how to make more money (the truth is money makes money but not people, people’s physical labor barely meets the need ends no matter what you do physically you will be remain same) only way to change the society is with help of poor and middle class helping poor students by providing them training how to convince other and making aware of the situation , especially youth poor college students who are struggling for the college fee food and shelter, we have to start from there because future belongs to them, if we can provide food and shelter they can dedicate themselves and motivate to change other, that is the only way to make infalliblesociety practical otherwise even our infalliblesociety also becomes limited to the web site only people like you to read if we cannot make this practical IS is no different than other speeches and books and apart from that we must publish books and sell affordable price in a different languages without expecting profits rather contributing some of the funds as little as possible that makes the difference.  

       People in the world never agree with others opinion or idea there is reason behind it the way our mind is wired up about100 thousand genes interact with 100 billion neurons to locate encode and process information based on their collected information from their subconscious or cortex brain ( not to surprise brain suck up more energy than any other organ , brain use somewhere between 20 to 40 percent of all calorie intake and it only weigh 3 pounds 1/60 of your weight is sucking up between 1/5 to 2/5 of your energy input and sodium potassium pump is also efficient, hence we don’t need energy input in the form of uranium to keep ourselves conscious) that is the reason two people never think alike considering the odds the way it wired up for instance there is lotto in USA it’s called power ball probably 7 or 8 states combined top prize for the lottery is $ 100 million and more depend on how many tickets are sold, if no one wins that week prize money adds up with the last week amount the way it works on the sheet of paper 75 numbers on the top and 15 numbers on the bottom you have to pick 5 numbers on the top and 1 number on the bottom if those 6 numbers matches by the drawn winning numbers you are a winner of top prize, most of the time no one wins that money will add up to many hundreds of millions, combination of those numbers 75×15 winning probability is  1 in 258,890,850,0000 millions to one chance. Now you can imagine 100 billion neurons x 100 thousand genes that is beyond our comprehension too big number to think about the combination that is the reason two people never think same. But when infalliblesociety is dedicated to make our lives better regardless of their differences of their opinions people will come together for the common goal that is mathematical inevitability, when they realize life can change for better for everyone regardless of poor and rich, because in the IS rich will live better than the present majority people of the world is raised with religious based belief system that God is controlling their every move or destiny that is hardwired in their brain like fate, reincarnation or God punishing because of their past life sin especially uneducated people living with this belief system, our education system in the world is not designed to grant real education but to work as they told like robots and retired that is also a reason when you see people in large never question or they possess curiosity or skepticism even when they encounter or come across a innocent captured and victimized by the mob or authority, children should be taught to question about irrational or superstitious but children are suppressed their curiosity by their elders so they also grown up with irrational and superstitious consequently it is not easy for us to make them understand that required enormous time and afford with well trained students, we need a very small spark for the change later that can change everything once it get media attention  infalliblesociety can spread itself with kinetic force I have a great plan it works itself as small branches as a chain reaction little groups in every community but without a spark that never work,  Aura also plays its role a small spark can change entire world with the help of media (media may controlled by corrupt government with help of corporatocracy when people in large fighting for common goal corrupted media fails if they ignore the majority that is poor and middle class) and other social websites that way movement will spread out, reason this is not a benefit to one man for power or a group of people it is related to each and every one of our life depends on it despite of their belief system and at some point  rich and poor as well when they understand depth of the IS. reason is in the infalliblesociety not only poor even rich live better than present standard of life because there will not be hostile in the IS so they don’t need bodyguards and surveillance cameras or fear of something may go wrong.     

          I never revealed myself only reason is I strongly believe I am not important but my cause that is human race to thrive and live for the purpose, I am not interested popularity, fame or money, I can reveal myself  if necessary according to the need as I said this is not a one man show this is a movement but not a person,  political party, self gain, lust for power or leadership, before launch this website I wanted to test people’s reaction so I have talked some of the web designers and I explained them briefly about infalliblesociety and I requested them to consider discount or don’t charge money for their work I can only pay for hosting and domain because this changes all of our lives for better and most important discovery. I am dedicated my time and afford selflessly to change the society for good but no one ever has come forward to  create IS website for better price all of them wanted money with profit this kind of world we are living in we cannot blame them for their actions that is how our mind is wired up as well as survival every one can use little extra money for something, even some of the IS visitors come to this site to advertise their websites I don’t blame for that either every one of you have to search for ways to make money for the survival in this fallible system that leads us to ask a question that ”does the government work for us or do we work for the government” (in the next 20th article it’s well explained) if we can take this infalliblesociety to the next level majority will definitely gain knowledge or hidden truth that can set us free and it also helps your business to grow more viewers means more business until IS comes into effect, probably many of you know that  John Lennon quote ” A dream you dream alone is only a dream , A dream you dream together is a reality” that makes profound sense the truth is based on social trend future may not be as we wish there is lot of unpredictability is unfolding in front of our own eyes this is a reality what it is regardless of what you believe you may ignore the reality but not the consequences but we can change that if we can work together. 

          Sometimes think wish I had billions of dollars few billionaires in the world giving away for the poor as charity or helping in some form , if I had that opportunity I could  have bought a Island where no people and invite volunteers around the world who are interested to live in that Island and follow infalliblesociety rules and regulations with commandments that (I have written which is like law and order or constitution) then entire world allow to watch them live on TV the way people are living in that Island in a harmonious society that makes world people to realize how perfect society with flawless and at the sametime peaceful and development that makes them to change, because our mind or brain may be very powerful but it doesn’t have the ability to create on it’s own a new idea or a plan unless they see with their own eyes to distinguish right from the wrong. 

        Apart from that speaking in the YouTube answering people’s questions, concerns and making animated movies with comparing present existing world with infalliblesociety world when it comes in effect, we will do it with precisely calculated facts that how much manpower and technology (use of machines) and time it took to rebuild new infrastructure with foreseen sight with 100s of years into the future, and the way they live crimless in a  friendly society,  that makes the difference and people will realize when they only see as movie in a entertaining way, we all know that people only learn by our 5 senses but predominantly 3 senses plays major role those are watching, listening and talking that makes us present product of the environment with flaws. We all know how we feel inside of our hearts but some of them may not speak out how much struggle we go through in daily life regardless of what have and what have not and we always force our mind to dwell in the past or fantasize the future or  with worry and tense because we always try to avoid to live in ”present” the way I see debilitating  uncertainty about the future because it is not like the past like we have already seen the past occurrences fear of uncertainty cause us to drift into the past or into the future but in order to harness our full potential we must learn how to live in the ”present” but that is very hard in the society with flaws in a money based system that is only possible in the IS because all the necessary needs will be granted upon our wish so there will be no room for the greed the word greed will become obsolete or thing of the past then human true potential thrives for the greater purpose. I ALSO REQUEST YOUR OPINION ON THIS MATTER THAT, IS IT GOOD IDEA TO TRAIN STUDENTS BY PROVIDING FOOD AND SHELTER FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY USE THEM TO EDUCATE OTHER  I am hoping many good and intellectuals may join in the IS in the near future, that would be very helpful to me rather than working alone, writing will never stop this information on this website is only out of thousands of pages which is I already written.