16) Q ; So many great minds in this world transformed this world zero to present but not social changes there are books about how to become rich this is totally new concept how people react to this?

Ans ; Whatever I learned from those great minds everyone has to learn from others no one born with knowledge it takes enough curiosity and motivation to learn while you learning you will get new ideas when you are selflessly dedicate to yourself for the greater cause you will get more ideas, probably that’s what happened to me that made me to write this I am not prolific writer or professional perhaps a professional writer might have written better than me I am just trying to explain people the facts of the life when I sensed many things I saw the pattern of life cycle and sensed the danger possibility of extinction of our species that compelled me to reveal in detail scientifically extrapolated facts by interconnecting logic with reason not only prevent nuclear war but grant’s peace and prosperity in life, so people can see what I saw in my perspective realism comes from bottom of the painstaking hardship when logic and reason pour on it new concept take birth if nurtured the new idea appropriately you can control your own destiny you will no longer slave with debilitating uncertainty in other words you can see your future no financial uncertainty no accidents deaths automated driverless cars with microchip embedded inside so they communicate each other to avoid accidents technology is here already, no fee in IS best of the best medical facility provided to all its citizens and increase life span means you can achieve your goal nothing can stop to reaching your goal or perceiving your dream in field of expert.

         You can get anything for your purpose nothing is greater than creation if the universe were not created by big bang galaxies never we would have been existed and solar systems with goldilocks zones spark of the life on earth and evolution from single cell organism to dominant species on the planet we intelligent species these are all made possible only by creation of big bang. Anything new creation is always good for the greater purpose imagine if intelligence (US) never created on this planet even creation of entire universe considered as such a waste.

                   One day we may venture other planets in our solar system by making artificially habitable planets or travel other star systems to find habitable planets to expand our species cross the galaxy. There is as saying goes to finish 1000 miles marathon start with only one step imagine the possibility.

             Present system is like providing 1 kg food for 100 rats per one time in a room inevitably they fight for little food to survive imagine if you provide 100 kg food for 100 rats that is only possible by IS any person who thinks logically will agree with my point of view in other words people create resources collectively more than required so let us use our intelligence for the greater purpose.