17) Q ; what drove you to concern and dwell about people society world and system with flaws if you had motivated all the efforts for yourself you could have been happier with your own growth?

Ans ;  Being comfortable or rich doesn’t gives me pleasure or vigorous life I had very rich life economically  in your terms but that did not satisfied me so I gave away to the needy, life satisfaction comes with responsibility when I see majority needlessly suffering and I know there is a way to live better I cannot ignore, that I must make people to see what I see to make the difference. Living a life never last forever being selfish and concern for my own growth economically I consider myself life is meaningless someone has to see and find out and redefine meaning of life, order to do that one can only see that who are keen observer and using knowledge as a tool can unlock the mystery of life and reveal the facts from the false moral from immoral my strong desire and wish is to see people what I see and make the change for eons to come and continue our civilization on this planet and beyond instead of being rich inside of you making economically rich I consider that is trivial, only person can achieve that who can think beyond his lifetime I see people running after money to seek lavish lifestyle or comfortable that is very common man’s goal, that we can take it for granted in IS but they are not aware of the consequences in the present existence system I see them as little children lost in the jungle called greed because the curse of our own short term results and our unwillingness to look beyond our own lifetime who think only for their life term that is twinkling of an eye on scale of universe when a baby born infant children puberty teenage whatever they learn in those time that represents their future by surroundings or their birthplace, inherited genes also plays role to the certain point, about 20 years ( that is learning stage) to 60 after 60 years after that gradually they lose enthusiasm about life or goals because their body deteriorate at faster rate new cells for their body cannot produce as they did in the early age eventually end of their life  means 40 years 20 years night so man only living 20 years real life, inconsistency with tense rich controlled by greed and poor struggle for survival whether poor or rich they merge more often in devotion to their religious God to attain peace.

                        The way I see my life living as simple as possible all I need required calories to sustain life and healthy than tantalizing delicious food, that may leads to suffer with obesity diabetes and many other disease and but I consider knowledge and wisdom is more important rather than being one of the richest. Being rich means nothing to me according to my survey anyone can become rich if obsessed enough and put the moral ethical values put behind to my perspective that is not real life who are we where we have come from what is the purpose of our existence on this planet if I can find those answers I consider myself very fortunate and achieved my goal before life ends.