Q 5, If you think money is causing chaos and misery in the world so how can we survive and prosper without exchanging power?

Ans ; Money is causing more damage than good almost every person living in this world running after money rather than living his life peacefully or productive for the humanity for instance some of them have great idea of new inventions, higher education or inclination to become a scientist they never get the opportunity to perceive their dream if they are economically poor or middle class our ancestors prematurely designed the system with flaws, everything you see related with money hence we cannot accuse the error made by them that was primitive era lacking foreseen sight or vision consequently we are all products of the fallible system made us dishonest living in the present existing world you cannot live your life without lying, being selfish, obsession over possession, jealousy, two faces, cunning and many more called qualifications or skills those are prerequisite for our survival.

All the crimes are related with money except rape, imagine if you remove money from the equation all the bets are off, we may live peace and prosperous for instance take any country let’s talk about India the largest democracy billion + people about 65 to 70 % people living under poverty line about $2 a day compare with the developed countries. (developed countries have different problems they are not problems or worry free ) A study has shown that diminished cognitive functioning among those experiencing the strain of poverty causing them to often make bad decisions this could result in poor mental health remember their genes continue to pass on to their progeny,

India is one of the highly corruption rated country in the world there are no real jobs for more than 15 to 20 percent of their population, despite of their education qualifications rest of them are self employed have small businesses like grocery stores, medical stores, hardware stores, vendors etc, self employed people in small business competing each other working long hours for very little money they barely surviving.

In the money less society let’s call it INFALLIBLE SYSTEM we should design a system without a leader no money means no crime or corruption. All politicians president, prime minister, finance minister, congressman, governor, mayor, secretary of state whatever the government who ever ruling republic, democrats, communist, democracy, etc; same liquid in a different bottle.

We cannot solve problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when created.  ——– Albert Einstein.

names may be different but all non-productive jobs their wealth black or white derived from productive workers and taxpayers (many underdeveloped and developing nations of the people do not realize they are also paying indirect tax that is whatever they buy soap hair pin to TV and car anything you buy for your need you are paying indirect tax from that money about 80% evaporates and 20% materialize roads bridges any work done by government) developing and under developing countries have this corrupted system in a large scale all most of political leaders more often visit foreign especially developed countries their loved ones resides there they are well aware of how the system works in those advanced countries great infrastructure wide and clean roads discipline traffic system zero tolerance bribe in the lower level but in underdeveloped and developing nations cops or any government office corruption and bribes has become hereditary or custom political leaders can execute the same system as developed countries if they really want to bring the change for good in developing and underdeveloped nations But their inclination is not to do so (bear in mind people never change but strict law changes people) if they do they cannot make black money if they don’t have the black money for the next election expenses they may not win the election everything is interlinked that is the reason they grab wealth as much as possible as long as himself and their loved ones have lot more than enough they do not bother about people of the nation or poor, politics in these countries has become the most and best successful business than developed nations their investment increases thousands of times nowhere else you can expect thousands of folds in short period of time only qualifications required is capable of convincing impossible promises that they never fulfill being very humble while election tour and bunch of people who cannot think on their own they have to be all the time with the leaders and gather as many as innocent labor by offering money food and alcohol as a spectators that’s all one needs to become a leader consequently no development will be in progress most of the funds turn into black money which was taxpayers hard earned money meant to be for the country’s prosperity as well as quality of life to increase,

That is the reason they keep the roads and bridges as worst as possible so they can draw funds all the time ask yourself politics and leadership helping you to get your life better standard or worse don’t you see ? once a leader elected then not only he rules but his children and children’s children that trend continues and their wealth becomes heavier and your life as a productive labor in other words they are getting wealthier with your hard labor in IS (infallible system) four hours work in more shifting basis makes best administration so police, lawyers, courts, prisons, security, currency printing, and security to protect currency , small businesses all these become obsolete these are considered non productive jobs these will not help the nation’s development or improve quality of life for the citizens of the nation instead of doing those jobs only fraction few hours a day of their time energy if we can transfer to produce required needs that can produce more than adequate that is the simple logic any person with who think rationally can agree with me.

Productive jobs are agriculture, farming, factories, mills, transportation, educational institutes and research centers etc, are productive. I believe productive jobs are done by less than 10% of the population I am not including defense (military force) as a country defense is needed but as a whole world as one country defense is considered as non productive job if one country follow IS and prove to the rest of the world peaceful and prosperous other countries follows, the IS all we doing here is each and every one age 20 to 60 years work in a productive field that is mandatory must do job rest of the 20 hours a day whatever they wish that way productivity would be enormous many folds growth rate in return each and every person get luxurious life style four bed rooms house with two story building with open place for the garden that makes distance between houses for every couples as long as they live anywhere they want, every street corner there will be a supermarket and malls in required places people can get anything they want at free of cost when money is out of existence everything will be free. these basic needs are not impossible to facilitate for everyone can be done collectively this is within the realm of possibility instead of depending on government we are underestimating our strength as unity.

All we doing here is 4 hours of work a day instead of 8, 12, or 16 hours a day but using entire country’s population work force that will generate more than required, technology plays major role and guarantees every ones comfort and luxury with enormous productivity never again slum area, unclean roads, poverty, panhandling, unemployment, dowry deaths and criminal activity for money, bribe we can go on and on and life is what we make of it has always been and always will be so no one desires to own anything, owning also derived from scarcity when people facilitate themselves abundance more than required, then desire to owning or obsession for possession dies. Then people realize life is not about accumulation of wealth but improving quality of life itself, they not only live peace and prosperous but for purposeful life with better education system that will enable to peruse their dreams that they never thought possible they will achieve whatever they want to be there will be nothing to prevent their goal,

Transportation cars and trucks will be manufactured in a large scale for the population it automated driver less cars parked on the streets two lines will be allotted according to the peoples requirement use it as they wish powered by solar, ethanol, petrol, diesel and electricity whatever resources available rest of the 20 hours in a day they go for higher studies, join in science and technology research centers, new innovative idea institutes, new sports recreation centers if they wish to do sky’s the limit,

All we doing here is working together and share profits together and achieving your goals policy, to continue same system forever that is the only way for our species to thrive then why accumulation of wealth corruption illegal activities for money with tense life as you know purposeless life is futile excessive money always leads power to control other and root of all evil.

Q 6 ;   It’s like communism policy?

Ans ;  No it’s money and leaderless system that grants us versatility, freedom of life you no longer slave obsession for money and power to rule history taught us not a single sole is benevolent ruler in the world it means a benevolent incapable of ruling a ruler means he does more damage to the people of his own country than good for his own benefit that may not be their fault control, corruption, selfishness, and power taken birth from money if some leaders inclined to do good dark side of the force prevents them from doing good JFK and many other great men assassination  the truth is revealed by the history, all the basic needs food, shelter, 24/7 electricity, running water hot and cold, gas, swimming pools transportation, groceries and medical etc, that requires only 4 hours of each person’s labor physically or mentally only 20 to 60 years, physically handicapped will be given special privilege growth rate would be unprecedented with peace, poised and tranquility attained only by IS then we species realize that life is more than simple existence history reminds us that while progress is not inevitable it can move quickly once unleashed, jealousy, cunning, and other trivial concerns which made life hostile will become thing of the past,

Q 7 ;  what is the challenge when everyone get their basic requirements free, in return only 4 hours of their labor physically or mentally life will be so boring there will be no fun, and adventure we value when desired things get in a hard way they get respected and praised and considered as a special persons with uncanny abilities?

Ans ; How can you define fun adventure and value hard way respect praised and special person these are all just state of mind we have been living in a pandemonium society for long and we have adopted from our ancestors as you know jeans pass on to their progeny that is the reason we cannot think different and I am not expecting to understand each and every one living on this planet it may take some time. I am planting an idea in their head for their own good who are suffering, people who are getting benefit by this faulty system this concept may be hard for them to digest and some of them are may not be ready for sudden change it takes time and knowledge majority of people living in this world day to day life (apart from well developed countries) if they don’t work 8 to 16 hours a day they don’t survive all about survivability no higher goals that means they born in this world just to survive somehow even with suffering that is motivation mind is terrible thing to waste it never occurs to them what is the purpose of living. Reason I see unfortunately they never had the time to think, in developed countries people do not suffer like developing and under developing nations because their currency value is high and they live rationally rather than superstitious, I am raising a point here is no one should think and suffer for basic needs that is food, shelter, medical, transportation and other required things whether they have bigger goals or not when we stuck here with basic needs we get older and die and our children do the same thing that cycle continues when basic needs out of their mind they will think of something useful and productive themselves for better purpose better education system and training institutes will help them to expand their cog. and by catering to men’s basic material needs with help of technology and manpower can enables man to think beyond survival needs that is law of attraction or law of nature you may call.

The physical cannot be the source itself the human mind strives to more what already is and has unlimited possibilities because possibilities give rise to possibilities.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of their mind——–William James.

Present existing world a rich man despite of how he made that money immoral or illegal despite  of how many poor families he destroyed but he will be considered as great man that is unfortunate. people are against corruption and illegal activities because those causes direct result for them to live in the poverty if money based system worked as it meant to be we species never could have suffered for simple survivability. Now we have realized greed breeds and arises from money and destroying fundamental  way of life and defining life itself is as an enemy for the majority, that is natural selection’s unintended consequences or against law of nature you may call it. people who are in the power lure poor voters with false promises once they elected they turn voters into a miserable creatures with hunger, poverty, homelessness and that poor voters look all of this things and ignore them as personally not concerning to them and support day to day enslaving fiat based monitory system owned by political leaders illegal business men help each other to control the mass population tiny percent of them turned majority of voters into mindless consumers, brainless emotionless creatures who can be bought, bribed, deceived, crooked, used, abused, exploited, and laughed at while billions of us just looking at it and perceiving it as normal it’s time to see things clearly the situation we are in, and detach ourselves from the illusion and start thinking of IS that will give us boundless freedom to achieve, failure makes us strong and smarter because history of science proves that what is impossible must frequently be perceived as new discoveries are made. I S is not over night flight, born from painstaking hard ship someone’s entire life’s work.

Many great men spent their entire life to invent like electric bulb, telephone, car, airplane, telescope and many more I bet they never did those for money they did not known at the early stage of their experiment that they would succeed in their work those are the real hero’s of the planet. There are not many new discoveries lately only making advance of those existed discovery made in the past other than nanotechnology and quantum physics etc. infalliblesociety will allow every living person on the planet to explore the unknown at will to harness with full of his or her potential for the benefit of mankind.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. ——- Albert Einstein.

Imagination will often carry us into the worlds that never were but without it we go      nowhere ————- Carl Sagan.

  In this new system IS there are bigger challenges to face rather than working whole life simply to exist or barely surviving with painstaking hardship that is just to meet basic needs food shelter etc; there are infinite discoveries to be made unknown possibility of existence.

Space travel we are still little babies in terms of technology we hadn’t invented spaceship to travel at least to travel within our own solar system all the brainpower of young men wasting in the battle of simple survival.

Q 8 ; NASA working on space travel moon as a vacation spot and want to send a man to the mars.

Ans ; It is not that simple as they claimed Armstrong walked on the moon, you should ask yourself a logical question it has been about a half century that time rocket memory power was less than early cell phone, question arises why didn’t they attempt to the moon trip again, technologically more advanced comparatively in about 50 years of time frame I am not a scientist but I have a theory that motor highest rpm (rotation per minute) Is few hundred thousand with same concept if we can develop and discover traction in space we can travel much faster than rocket with kinetic force instead of hammer (rocket) pushing into the space.

Innumerable number of technologies theories waiting to be discovered and harnessed for instance space and time multi universe wormholes alien civilizations teleportation and many more but we are lacking brain power and funds every logical fiction becomes reality depends on how hard you push because the curse of our time is our focus on short term results and our unwillingness to look beyond our own lifetime.

An average man’s notion is about his life and family how to get rich and live comfortable life when he becomes rich somehow he dreams to become a ruler that’s all an average man thinks to protect his property and accumulate more wealth a question never arises in his mind about the creation of the universe speed of light galaxies, solar systems, evolution, or who we are where we have come from because their parents told them when they were children God created earth and man on earth that notion ceases  their skepticism to think beyond

Q 9 ; is a religion making us feeble? Over 90% of the people believe in God or supernatural forces that controlling our destiny do really God exist?

Ans ; For an agnostic, science is based on reproducible evidence but God is not it’s only belief, coping mechanism from debilitating uncertainty, early man while learning survival techniques he wondered when he sees his surroundings, sky, and stars, sun and moon, day and night he thought himself someone must have engineered earth, sky, ocean, ecosystem and life, must be superior than us when he reached apex civilization compare to the animals so he named him God with fear and made so many stories that’s how it has begun and start worshiping humbly that without god there is no intrinsic value here today gone tomorrow in the vast universe we are no more than a speck of cosmic dust. God has been created and worshiped religion created in different part of the world different religion ever since we start worshiping vaguely all the religions have woven its way through society all over the world it has become part and panel to the society in large measure and left unexplained and unchallenged it’s simply adopted subconsciously over 90% of the people of the world have inherited from their ancestors like that their hair color it’s not a thing to think very deeply or logical in scientific perspective and in any case it’s beyond our control this thought preventing them to seek the truth, which they have selected sifting through the facts makes them uncomfortable challenged by searching leads to anger at queries warning signal lies unexplained only reason is people have adopted subconsciously that notion for millennial it is not easy to erase but that belief system is not an obstacle for human growth scarcity and fear magnified as a result present existing world.

                           Reason I see unknown future makes us fear death may come any given movement apart form that always we want something our compelling desires make us to motivate on something always worshiping higher being asking to grants wishes that satisfy them for the movement but logically that is impossible, only feasibility I see their hard work will pay off in the west people taught to work hard to succeed but in the east they  have lacking skepticism and logic but not the potential.

               For an agnostic as to the question of God, that is impossible to human mind to believe in a object or thing unless it can form a mental picture of such object or thing, since man ceased to worship openly an anthropomorphic God and talked vaguely and not intelligently about some force in the universe higher than man that is responsible the existence of man and the universe he cannot be said to believe in God or cannot be live in a force accept as a force that pervades matter as not a individual entity to believe in a thing an image of the thing must be stamped on the mind if one is asked if he believes in such an animal as a dog there immediately arises in his mind an image of the dag, this image has come from experience or knowledge of animal gather in some way or another no such image or can cause with the idea of God who is described as a force.

               To say that God made the universe gives us no explanation of the beginning of things if we are told that God made the universe the question immediately arises who made the God did he always exist or was there some power back of that? Did he create matter out of nothing what is the origin of it all? if on other hand one says that universe was not made by God that was always existed he has the same difficulty to confront. To say that the universe was here last year or millions of years ago don’t explain its origin of things. Man can only wonder and doubt and guess.

As to the existence of the soul all the people may either believe or disbelieve everyone knows that origin of the human being. They know that it came from a single cell in the body of the mother’s body, before gestation the cell must have been fertilized by a spermatozoon from the body of the father, this was one out of a billion spermatozoa that was the capacity of the father. When the cells fertilized a chemical process begins that divides and multiplies and increases into millions of cells and finally child born during the life of the individual until they finally drop apart and this is death.

          If there is a soul what is it and where did it come from and where does it go? Can anyone who is guided by his reason possibly imagine a soul independent of a body or the place of its residence or the character of it or anything concerning it if man is justified in any belief or disbelief in any subject he is warranted in the disbelief in a soul, not a single piece of evidence exists to prove any such impossible thing

                   Albert Einstein considered God to be essentially the sum total of the physical law which describe the universe. I do not know of any compelling evidence   for anthropomorphic patriarchies controlling human destiny from some hidden celestial vantage, point but it would be madness to deny the existence of physical law whether we believe in God depends very much on what we mean by God.