Logically reasoned why our lives the way ?

First we must ask the notion that what is the definition of life, the answer would be consumed food and reproducible ability. But how can you define intelligent life (us) definitely not evolving with greed, intelligence should help us to evolve in a certain way war must be banned and altruism must replace cut throat competition among people of the world, that leads us to ask a question that when does life belongs to the real living ?

1) Q: Life is more harder than it seems especially poor and middle class a question arises more often this is how life meant to be or we made it too complex is there any way to change for better ?

Ans: You have asked the right question, when I ask you where is your nose you simply show your index finger by touching your nose, but we are living in a pandemonium system that shows their nose put their arms around the head and show the nose, that is perplexing and confusing but you have to live your life somehow until you die with ray of hope you would never know whether you perceive your desired life or not.

It’s not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive change (Charles Darwin)

Charles Darwin’s quote is very profound in other words we are product of the society it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity that makes it’s not you that you live in a society you have to adopt whether you like it or not for instance men in large immoral, irrational, and two faces etc, you will become one of them if you want to survive in that society,

As long as you are live and think within the society or part of the system you would never get the answer in other words (do not change the world no one will change instead you turn yourself according to the rhythm) unless you see this world in a different dimension, advanced civilized manner or alien perspective that are surpassed primitive stages.

When a big question arises are we happy as species whether poor or rich order to get the correct answer we must go back in time about 300 thousand years where evolution took place, transformation from Neanderthal to Homo sapiens (present human) during that change human being was no more than an animal in terms of intelligence so we evolved, extrapolate your own existence all other life form like animals and insects etc, has some kind of mechanism to protect themselves as well as survivability for instance they posses horns, big teeth, claws, thick skin, venomous, emit bad smell or when they sense danger change their body’s color to protect them self from the predator. Neanderthal (early human) nothing but very thin skin and flesh that were very vulnerable like walking meal for the predators so nature gave us versatility that is natural selection as intelligence  a big brain to cope up and survive.

(Mother Nature tends to teach us that every plant and animal whether useful or not has right to exist on earth every organism is part of our ecosystem even lose of any organism is endemic, law of nature grants adequate time species to evolve)

Intelligence (cunning) led man accumulating things it means we species evolved with greed other than a human no animal is greed as human.

2) Q: how can you say evolution is true all it’s just a theory?

Ans: scientific theories do not graduate into scientific laws. Theories are rooted in fact, we know things change over time, so evolution is fact theory of evolution is a way to explain those facts we explain it with natural selection punctuated with equilibrium gradualism and dozens of other methods that will be defined in a greater detail at a later date. A theory is not a just hunch or guess that is a hypothesis to be considered a scientific theory four criteria be met.

A theory must explain a body of facts.

it must be able to predict future occurrences similar phenomena

It must be falsifiable and stand up to empirical experimentation.

It must be supported by a vast quantity of reliable facts.

3) Q: is it intelligence that makes us unhappy despite of what we have?

Ans: No it is not the intelligence knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart or intelligence is not the information but also judgment in which information is co-ordinate and used, greed is total responsible for not being happy because all other animals DNA is 60% human DNA is 100% closest animal to human animals DNA is 98.7% we evolved from a similar animal Neanderthal (chimpanzee) a cosine, DNA also measured in terms of intelligence that is reason for not being happy we never satisfy ourselves that drives us next level  (but that greed could have been in a different aspect rather than accumulation of things or obsession over material things like new invention for the the mankind to thrive and prosper, knowledge and wisdom comes with responsibility that knowledge must use for betterment of all but not against fellow human being or for individual gain. Knowledge is the power to do well in the world and it must bring us together not divide us)  and advancement of our species reaction for our actions, but we are not measuring world that we are creating our existence in this place this microscopic corner of the cosmos is fleeting with utter disregard for our wants and needs ,nature plays out it’s grand action on scale of space and time truly hard to grasp. But there are consequences for our actions that transcends our ordinary classical way of thinking as a result nuclear proliferation, because mind has become unsorted territory we must ask ourselves that technological advances are perhaps inherently progressive but not all of our technological advances have turned out the way we had hoped and expected, Living life we take it for granted siege to exist some day present existing arsenals are thousands of times more powerful than it used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan the effect would imperceptible, in a blink entire life on earth may be vanish, If adequate precautions are not taken.

4) Q: How can we stop the catastrophe or self destruction? Then how can you make the harmonious, peace, poised and tranquility, do you have a plan?

Ans: Yes I do have the great plan it works to make world right every living creature and plant destined to die one day it’s like every road leads to reach certain destiny inevitably, all the money leads to power, power is always corrupt and controls money, money, money, 24/7 man thinks about money we are not living our lives, but living for money so we are in a era without money we don’t consider alive that is power of money unfortunately there is no discrimination poor thinks about money order to live his life, middle class desire for luxury ,rich dreams to become super rich, super rich wants to conquer the world money is invented by men, but money is nothing but exchange power and also it can be preserved in form of gold, diamonds and land for their progeny food cannot be preserved for long a rich cannot eat money, gold, diamonds or land he eats like a poor man I am trying to make a point here is man needs food order to survive 2000 calories a day to keep our health in good condition but most of the people consume 5000 and more calories a day that leads to obesity consequently many diseases. Fortunately we humans need two times a day meal is enough because we only use two legs to walk straight but animals use four legs they need more food to live so they consume more calories.

We should ask ourselves a logical question that why we are so obsessed with money reason I see power of money is made us inseparable from the rest of the human endeavor as a result we controlled by money. Should have life is more important than money and life was not made for the sake of money but money for the sake of life. For instance wild animals like tiger or lion have power to hunt down any other animal for their food but they only hunt when they are hungry imagine if they had greed like us and know how to preserve food like money entire life would have died long ago, we are the only species on this planet move place to place and consume all the resources by mismanaging for only for the profit until last drop, causing global warming and destroying ecosystem it means money is not natural, infallible society allow people to thrive their propensity by using full potential of their mental ability that may take us to expand our species life in other planets if population exceeds its peril, possessing intelligence as species we must considered as a gift but not as curse.

Before inventing money people used as exchange, commodities for vegetables or any other what they required with limited resources ‘invention of money industrial revolution, capitalism changed the world and technology pour the fuel on fire these ramifications are direct result of majority controlled by few wealthy more working class (labor) competing each other for their survival that gives more profit to the capitalist, labor get less and less pay that led chaos and misery for the poor (perfect example is price rise affects only poor and middle class who are majority but not rich and super rich) that tells us there is something wrong with this monetary system. Even rich not happy either because they have to be tense all the time to cope up with inconsistency in their business they may have money but cannot live peaceful life.

Some intellectuals believe that we invented prematurely element 92 (uranium) that makes the bomb but I think inventing money is no less harm than uranium for instance a corrupted politician (most of them are corrupted)  accumulate in $ hundreds of millions or billions in a illegal way by manipulating, because they control the system by grabbing 100s or 1000 of acres of land and leave it unused as property for their progeny, when do they realize one needs only 3 feet by 6 feet until decay body and decomposed while living two bedroom or 4 bed room at the most a single family requires. imagine if they distributed that land for the poor labor they can cultivate and grow food grain and vegetables ‘so we can get commodities in cheap price so poor doesn’t have to spend entire their income for food and middle class doesn’t have to pay half of their income for food, commodities prices skyrocketing day by day that leads to inflation and currency value depletes nation’s economy and prosperity cripples but a corrupted leader always get away money and power makes them safe heaven. Even  system is designed by the rich for the rich and to the rich and this corrupted system turn good people into bad otherwise they cannot survive no mortals ever need that much money or property consequently billions of lives under poverty line these occurs in developing  countries and underdeveloped countries where currency value is depleted.