When does life belongs to the real living ?

This is related and interlinked with each and every one of us life, who seek the better future 

First we must ask the notion what is the definition of life, the answer would be consumed food and reproducible ability. But how can you define intelligent life? (We) definitely not evolving with greed, intelligence should help us to evolve in a certain way war must be banned, and altruism must replace cut throat competition among people of the nation or world. Is intelligence has become a curse? Or it’s our idiosyncrasy? That leads us to ask a question when does’ life belongs to the real living. we have only materialistic relationships no human relations with cunning jealousy two faces hatred one another and created hostile society rather than produce enough for the human need when abundance of resources are available which can make scarcity obsolete, greed and competition are not the result of immutable human temperament….. greed and fear of scarcity are in fact being created and amplified…the direct consequence is that we have to fight with each other in order to survive, present existing system is someone’s loss is other’s gain and other’s loss is someone’s gain without creating scarcity there is no profits, in this money based system that may makes worry people who called themselves intellectuals religious leaders peace keepers. Worry is nothing but a rocking chair it gives them something to do but get us nowhere, looking at the problems to solve in three dimensional way in other words as long as you live and think within the society and part of the society you would never get the answers to solve the problems unless you think and see in a scientific or alien perspective processing power of neurons more than 14 trillion connections, unsolved problems cannot be solved unless understand the root cause of what caused it. With our intelligence and collectivity we can eradicate all the problems forever called infallible (incapable of error) society.

We always accuse people and political leadership for the suffering of majority people with poverty, hunger, crime and economical inequality with our deeply flawed fiat based monetary system, the truth is people are not wrong but the way system designed which never work because power corrupts that is it’s nature and money is like fuel pouring on fire, any society where money is considered success no moral and ethical values can withstand reason is we species are genetically embedded thriving desire to succeed that is part of the evolution we are fallible species our propensity cannot be removed but it can be only altered. The political and social system is designed in those olden days might have served well according to that circumstances based on money as pillars but the old system is no match in this new generation people and youngsters’ skills, potentials, hereditary, special gifs by birth and uncanny abilities will be washed away by swimming in the ocean called struggle for simple survival that makes life purposeless.

I have a plausible theory to create harmonious society to live in a better standard of life style I might add very luxurious life each and every one of us can take it for granted working only 4 hours a day but it only works if we do it collectively, money and power is preventing us from being unite, you can play devil’s advocate or contradict my theory anyway you want but I can explain with scientifically extrapolated facts that will convince you to make the changes for better we all must understand one important thing that is without science all of us never could have existed in the first place for instance medical science and science and technology granted not only comforts but allow us live our lives, world never could have transformed from zero to present because science is based on reproducible evidence and our ancestors designed system is before birth of science based on mythology that was created need of the moment. Advancement of science revealed the facts almost in every field for us to understand and live better way, that how human mind works, creation of the universe, formation of the planets and Goldilocks zones, spark of the very first life on this planet and evolution etc, if we fail to take logical course of action we will not reach to the type one civilization instead doomsday becomes inevitable fate is in your hand progressive future verses decline and fall.

Blaming on outdated beliefs and political system with flaws is not the answer, those may served well in the primitive era but present circumstances changed we need a new way of ruling old system is no match in the present time frame every new generation think different it is very harsh to impose same old way of ineffective ruling system majority controlled by only tiny percent of the people, history taught us there is not a single sole benevolent leader, benevolent is incapable of ruling. We must ask a question why would need to solve the problems? Why not eradicate, Albert Einstein said we cannot solve problems with same thinking we used when we created.

Have you ever asked yourself a question will it take us into the next stage of evolution by following our ancestor’s footsteps? Ask me any questions about new way of ruling system and share your ideas how we people can rule ourselves without corrupted political leaders or a ruler it does more damage than good almost of government ruling system in the world is failed perfect example is every government or politicians wealth and expenses derived from poor taxpayers hard earned money, taxpayer life will be remain same without progress but governments and leaders life changes dramatically for their own good but I can still say and emphasis it’s not their fault anyone would do the same thing the problem is within us we are fallible people and we need infallible system to create infallible society.

We would greatly appreciate your curiosity and concerns please write your questions comments and ideas, this is nonprofit organization dedicated to create better society not only for you and also future generations and eons to come.