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 Sep 2, 2015
 +Time Traveler I read the entire document or writing, no where does it state a better way of living, you just point out the problems and say we need to change. Living without money, profit or competition.  Please explain the new way of life, I would love to hear it, because you are right, it’s NOT working as is and as it has always been. We need BIG CHANGE FAST so we can all live a plush and happy life together
Time Travel reply


Thanks for reading my website, it is not completed it may takes few more days my intention is to get the questions and opinions of the people from all over the world about the new way of ruling system, without people’s support this is not possible I have written thousands of pages. By interlinking with other subjects that’s how our life related and inter connected with socially politically and economically and changing perception of life. I want to redefine life with freedom, living our life should not be related with money or slavery, I believe I can convince majority of the people in the world who are enslaving entire life barely to exist (who doesn’t want to live better?) but I cannot convince minority who benefit and comfortable with corrupted system or born rich who wants to control poor, if majority supports who are suffering this infalliblesocity can change their life. In other words majority have right to rule. Think of this way what would we need order to survive and fulfill desires and achievements food shelter medical supplies transportation and other required things when we are capable of facilitate ourselves collectively with manpower and technology then why we need a elected governments as a middle man  to do that job that we cannot question that what they are doing with our tax payers money, once money is removed from the equation automatically all the crime and violence will become thing of the past, in history all the crimes possession and controlling derived from money. All the problems and concerns in the world leads to only one problem that is money, money is ruling not people money is invented by men but money is more powerful than men should have life is more important than money and life was not made for the sake of money but money for the sake of life. Exchange power or money invented in the primitive era no one had a slightest idea that money would evolve more powerful than humanity so it’s no one’s fault simply an error. Key is we need to have the freedom for order to have our own pursuit of happiness the only way to have happiness is progress, when money or being rich considered success human propensity thieves for success as a result crime violent and evil prevails and honesty and goodness moral and ethical values will be suppressed as a result present existing world we are living in a existing laws and justice system can be manipulated with bribing remember in the world people considered successful whoever makes more money despite of how he made. We must change that concept into improving ourselves not with money but intellectually that only possible in the money less society.