18 Q; This is unprecedented new concept it may create more new resources not only peaceful but also prosperous life theoretically, but you revealed the facts in a penetrating way which makes believe practically possible for the future generation the question is can people understand and receive it?

  1. Ans ;  people of this world have time nor inclination to think of to create new resources or alternative ruling system only alternative is ruling government or opposition but all the governments are same liquid in a different bottle that doesn’t cure the patient and the patient obligated to pay the fee as long as he alive, if they cure the patient they cannot collect the fee in other words patent must be sick order to get the doctor benefit it means they are all depended on their elected government and living in a delusion that one day their life may get better, which is created by our ancestors without vision or foreseen sight for the need of the moment, as a result they are all stuck with the system which only works for certain people and every one of them busy in putting their efforts as individual not as whole and trying to make every possible way to make their life better than they are now, as an individual we know that they cannot succeed as an individual and ending their life by getting old it is natural  It’s not their fault they are product of the faulty system, but infalliblesociety can enable them to see the life different in a broader picture it explains everything from Big Bang to into the future eons to come when they realize practically it is quite possible, people then they all come together as a unity despite of race ethnic religion and belief system  more people read and spread out this infalliblesociety the more it became viral people are really innocent they are adopted subconsciously struggle for simple survival, that is blinding them to see other alternatives it is not at all their fault because the way conscious and subconscious mind works people should aware of that because it plays major role in our daily life, we do every day activities subconsciously that is 95 to 99 percent those are routine activities wake up in the morning and brush our teeth doing all usual things like autopilot subconsciously, we do new things like anything which is not programmed in our subconscious mind primarily that you are doing first time like operating a new machine that you are not familiar with or talking with new people, driving a vehicle first time those you do very consciously. Once you learn driving you will be able to drive and at the same time and do other activities like talking phone or switching radio stations while driving  means you do that all subconsciously, it happens to all of us for instance when you are in a hurry walk out the door from your house and for a second you remember that whether you locked main door or not and you come back to double check then you finds out that is already locked you were not aware of your actions but your subconscious did that job right,  the same way people are adopted certain pattern of life they are not able to distinguish right from wrong immoral from moral and rational from superstitious when they adopted wrong things, unfortunately our mind cannot distinguish which is useful and which is not and gives you the right one unless people have knowledge in various subjects, when your desire is stronger than fear of consequences, your action will leaps forward so as a result people commit crime (but people who have influence money and political power they can get away by paying bonds in every angle you see this system creating more criminals than good people)

But nothing last forever change is constant journey for human growth time is more powerful than anything you can imagine pain of suffering for survival can change circumstances for good why change is inevitable? reason is neurologists discovered that every day1400 new neurons added in the adult human brain every day they noted that the rate of neuron production called neuron genesis decreases only modestly with age across a lifetime about our third of the hippocampal cells renewed they found that about 700 neurons had been continuously added to each of the two hippocampuses parts of the brain crucial for memory and learning on a daily basis that happens when carbon dating makes use of an isotope carbon -14 which is generated in the upper atmosphere when cosmic rays strike nitrogen atoms it then finds its way into different substances but order to tap this needs logical course of action to be adopted only IS can help us to harness that potential.

And there is another force called Aura that is energy field which emits from human body it is not visible to the naked eye but it can be seen with specially designed lenses a crying person, laughing, depressed, pregnant woman or any person emit different colors of race based on their emotional feelings or acts, the perfect example you will see let’s say you went to a funeral and you know that person was very evil mind who died and you hated him once you surrounded by large group of people who are sympathizing and crying for him you also cry with them it means your hate energy force is taken over by majority who has in a different mode of emotional their total emotional color of race or quantity of different color race is lot more than your emotional Aura it means people can change for the greater cause for the common goal this Aura plays key role ( that is the reason all the revolutions took place in the history of human race for the good or bad) advancement in science and medical technology revealed the facts of life once they understand the IS that may spread out quicker than any other things in the world, because this is about our life to continue with better standard because Aura mutates outside of the body secrets of force (gas) (into cells) these mutates with into cells atmosphere an accumulation of those cells takes place at the body’s pole (hand) of the brain’s knowledge is also derived from senses a very important sense of discovery is body’s Aura matured body Aura intermingled with brain cells.

Every one of us in this world competing with limited resources rather than creating more viable for everyone for instance top rated jobs government highly paid jobs or private IPS IAS MBBS or MD etc ; hundreds of thousands for only few hundred seats like pyramid structure what their future holds who will not reach to that point their time energy and money in vain, they may have uncanny ability in other subjects if they given opportunity they may prove that, every one of us is unique in the specific field that is nature intended it means we are not evolving naturally we must do what we want or what is our intuition whispers but not what is already popular that thought process prevents us exploring unknown or new discoveries our ancestors created system will not fit in the present day only IS with better education system and I have already written how the education should be for the children in the school and collages that can enable us to harness every one’s true potential that they are born with special ability and every one of us create their own destiny instead of waiting for these uncertain governments to do something for us why would you think someone should come and change your life for better? We are not retard we people have enough intelligence and aware of things around us as well as consequences how things are the way it is action reaction cause and effect where it leads for good or bad but that is only possible by doing collectively for common goal even people themselves accepted we people are equal despite of race ethnic background religion cast local non local and language only money making us separate from being unite or equal when we read news paper watching news all we see more bad news then good news that is the life in the world even that good news we would never know whether it materialize or not it may remain as good news that is life in many third world countries and developing and under developing nations, even people adopted that because it got out of their control no one can do  anything to change it only reason I see we think as individual not as collective consciousness, even some honest leaders and  intellectuals try to change they will be suppressed by lack of awareness or not having profound knowledge in the required subjects people must start thinking rationally ‘we ‘instead of ‘I ‘. Even though that is not possible in this system with money and power can divide people to use for their own benefit unless you all unite for common goal I know there is a way to live better.

Every one of us living on this planet have problems always we want something whether rich or poor that cannot be erased that is opposite reaction of intelligence

1) Saddest part is battle for simple survival that hardship cease their mind to plan for the better future.

2) greed can be transformed into other substance because we human beings are born to succeed in their field of expert money is preventing their desired goal because when money or being rich considered greater, other goals looks to them very small, reason is everything they adopted to compare with materialistic way.

(These two lines may be repeated but here it is essential)  All the problems concerns in the world leads to only one problem that is money , money is ruling not people money is invented by people but money is more powerful than people intelligent is interlinked with greed, and greed has no boundaries are we species destined to destroy ourselves? Ever since life sparked on this planet billions of years ago animal life continue to exist according to the nature’s chain to balance animal kingdom until human intervention only few hundred thousands years with intelligence, but intelligence turned into cunning by inventing exchanging power (money) from that time on greed preceded accelerated at alarming rate that led to invent nuclear and biogenic bomb.( biogenic bomb can kill off all the life on the planet but keeps the artifacts  intact to use, it means artifacts are more important than life itself)  Animal kingdom can last forever with their following generations and evolve until sun shines about 5 more billion years or until asteroid strikes again (but we have the technology to prevent from asteroid destruction) wild animals only hunt when they are hungry during that time pray can reproduce more food (replicating themselves by giving births) for the predator to satisfy their appetite but for the intelligent human there is no chance for that to wait until reproduce he wants everything (especially money whether he needs or not but he wants to preserve despite of others well being as a result all the earth’s natural resources diminishing faster than planet can reproduce perfect example is oil and coal other minerals people who are determined to  create (invention) other alternative energy resources they get killed or disappear that’s what happening in this world and use and throw products only for the profit) now when he fail to fulfill his desire it makes him disappointment.

More often people says that timing is everything some of the people destined to succeed or reach certain heights if you are destined to become somebody time and circumstances can take you there according to your goal no matter how tough time you have or threshold even life and death situation sometimes that makes it’s true things happens for reason for some people who achieved paramount it’s not about money, many great men in this world struggled with painstaking mental torture to prove their point of view is correct because they believed in whatever they are doing without being selfish or motivating for self gain.

for instance I know a little older lady friend of mine she told me that her mother’s friend used to date Albert Einstein her mother told her that Einstein was mumbling himself always something writing on the paper (probably equations) he was even not aware of who ever passing by, and he was not comfortable in the parties to talk anything other than his subject finally that great man unlocked the mystery of universe and time is not absolute or linear, he stretched our mind to the astonishing degree that time could effect that how close you reach to the speed of light, but he died with unfinished work that E=MC square that little equation energy = to mass x speed of light believed to be that will explain about life universe creation almost fundamentals of everything. ( but the world greatly benefited by his work as  contribution I will fill this continuation later )

The heights by great men reached and kept

But they while their companions slept

Were toiling upward in the night

Standing on what too long we bore

With shoulder bent and downcast eyes

We may discern unseen before

A path to higher destinies

Doom the irrevocable past

As wholly wasted wholly vain

If rising on its wrecks, at last

To something nobler we attain

————————————Henry Wadsworth Longfellow——————-

No one ever revealed social problems from the root cause or explained by interconnecting with required subjects other than addressing, I really feared in the beginning that people may laugh at my idea of new way of ruling system and some of them may consider this is a subversive design, but this is my life’s work with thorough investigation and research. After I read your comments with love and support gave me so much confidence thank you so much for your support because this new concept ” rising on its wrecks” as  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said with all of your support we can take this infalliblesocity to the next level .

          Eric Drexler who coined the term nanotechnology then people laughed at him now that technology is leading already in the near future living a life will become impossible without nanotechnology; (nanotechnology is not a new concept it’s already within the nature that is the replication on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles nothing known to science, but Eric drexler’s theory is on the scale of nanometer billionth of a meter 7 to 8 atoms can fit in  one nanometer)  I can go on and on Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Socrates, Nicolas Tesla and many more even Giordano Bruno burned to death by speaking the truth that earth is revolving around the Sun not Sun is revolving the earth believed to be those great men were born ahead of their time and beyond early civilizations ability to contemplate.  (without those great men’s contribution we never could have come this far in terms of technological advancements) now they died happily for their belief. Before taken birth all the theoretical applications made many people laugh and considered those great minds as retard or mentally ill until their idea taken birth and practically flourished. (I am  definitely not even close to those great minds only having the deep knowledge in different subjects helped me to see the problems better than others)  it is not people’s fault to laugh at new theory because what they believe in that is their strength to continue their life otherwise they feel lost, that is also a coping mechanism to survive it means their belief system helping them to survive within their surroundings that is the reason they always contradict and make fun of new idea eventually they all understand and follow majority when they see majority leaning towards IS because people who are rational know’s how dramatically changes people’s life  in IS.  

Only money leads to luxurious life in the present society no one can deny that, only luxurious that is not a real life some people may say that becoming rich is a challenge I must disagree with that because order to become rich you must hurt many people emotionally that create hostile society, and take away your peace of mind. I have seen many wealthy people and I realized excessive money always leads to misery reason is they doesn’t know when to stop and have good time that is the problem with our mind that also part of the evolution, evolution knows only one thing moving forward whether it is for the good or bad when they lost the hope and fail to attain peace of mind, they more often visit sacred places but they don’t realize contributing some of the wealth to the poor in form of charity service or personally helping needy who are hapless  can grant them peace, I personally know many people they just live for money the way their mind is wired up subconsciously, I consider them victims of the fallible system. There are things that gives pleasure those are knowledge and wisdom deeply knowing about life creation of the universe and evolution mind the way it works etc ; all of these take you into a different world those cannot be explained but only experienced because physical death is inevitable physical pleasure or luxury last only for sometime or while you are in time of duration that may leads to obesity, disease  or greed precedes and take your peace of mind away but knowledge and wisdom is not, more you learn more wiser you become and your obsession develops (as greed) over knowledge.

Imagine life without knowing who you are? Where you have come from? And purpose of our existence? You just follow your ancestors believe system and follow their footsteps entire your life and your children do the same thing and that trend continues you would never get to know the truth and lived in the dark or in a delusion like ancient civilization.

Ancient civilization had no choice but to follow their elders because of primitive era but we are lacking skepticism you may ask by knowing these what do we gain? Understanding life is more important than getting in return something in form of money, that satisfaction is beyond imagination, creating harmonious society is beyond words care and concerns each other at the same time challenging each other in discovering and innovation mankind to thrive is real thrill but we are living in a hostile society people with two faces to attain something in return same people stab you in the back many reasons they don’t mean what they say for instance wishing you well or good luck they didn’t mean from the bottom of their heart it’s may not be their fault because society with existence of money and limited resources is the reason for their behavior. No child is born with those cunning abilities that is absolutely against the natural selection after they become adults they have to adopt for their survival this is as true as you reading this sentence.

  we may be call ourselves social animals but It’s not truly heart full socialization if ants invented money probably they never would have working for common goal or as a unity money leads to greed and selfishness with limited resources that triggered jealousy vying for superiority, it’s called sweet poison you don’t realize that is poison because they talk sweet and you believe them these are all derived from existence of money based system as a result we are all have become victims.

___________________ Amaunet Arsinoe ________________________________

It’s a cruel world we live in, hypocrisy and deceit,
All that is pure has gone in a swirl of hatred.
The depraved society in which we are going under with our heads in.
We have never even endeavored to open our eyes
And see the big picture.
Our minds are completely taken over
by what we call the etiquette of life.
Orthodox ways of living I abhor,
But what I loathe the most is the falsity;
People, who tell you words of flattery
And disguise their eyes behind broad, fake smiles,
While smiles are replaced with sneers
The minute you turn around…
The riches these people live for,
The life they’ve always craved for,
Is just as empty and unreal, as the belief that they are superior.
In fact, they are ruled by their inferiors, all the mortals who care
material wealth  not for inner riches and  : the very root of evil’s vines.

THESE words WRITTEN BY  my good friend   Amaunet Arsinoe  from California she inspired and encouraged me to write this infalliblesociety but I have never seen her after she involved in a car accident.